This guide explains on how to download Stick Cricket 2 for iPhone, Android, and iPads: The Best Cricket game app for iPhone.

Cricket is one of the most played games in Australia, England and in many Asian countries. Particularly in Asia, it's considered as a religion as there are many fans in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal love this game. Cricket fans can rejoice their cricket skills by playing the Cricket game on your existing smartphone. If you have iPhone, then here is the best Cricket game for iPhone.

Best Cricket game for iPhone

Best Cricket Game for iPhone

Stick Sports which is popular for the games like Stick Cricket, Stick Cricket Partnership has come up with its sequel to be named as Stick Cricket 2 available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It has the same mechanism than its predecessor with just two arrows to hit the ball on either leg or offside.

This game includes in-app purchases, various levels, beats your high score and personal best achievements.
Stick Cricket 2 for iPhone
Stick Cricket 2 Features

  • Each player can launch their career
  • Several levels to play
  • Represent your team and compete with International teams
  • Includes Power Overs when you defeat teams
  • Play insane batting shots
  • Earn batting gears, fielding gears
  • Quick and easy stats on runs scored, matches won and lot more
  • Customize the players
  • 100 different levels to test your skills.
  • Several modes of Origins, International, World Domination.

I have been playing this game for a long time and never had any issues whatsoever. I simply love this game.

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Stick Cricket 2 for Android | Stick Cricket 2 for iPhone & iPad

TechnosAmigos App Rating - 4.75/5

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So, that was about Stick Cricket app for iPhone/Android. We are eagerly waiting for the Stick Cricket 3 release date.