Keeping intact your original WhatsApp means you are not choosing any of the modded WhatsApp version. Although modded WhatsApp versions includes good number of features, people are worried about installing it. For those who falls in that category, I want to recommend them the WhatsApp Theme Engine Pro. WhatsApp Theme Engine

The Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine Pro is available in two different version which are -

  • UWTE Lite
  • UWTE Pro

It's quite simple to understand that the UWTE Lite version is the free one and the UWTE Pro is with all the features available.Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine

Currently the UWTE version 4.0 is the latest version of the device. The Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Edition only works for rooted devices.WhatsApp Theme Engine

Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Pro Features

  • Multiple Backup and Restore of Preferences.
  • Themes and Themes Store.
  • Easy disable option to revert back to stock settings.
  • In app updates, new theme release notifications
  • On the go application of mods.
  • Light weight and battery friendly app
  • Contact call log activity
  • Group Chat Activity
  • Cards throughout the app
  • Profile Activity in Setting
  • Option to choose menu text color.
  • Option to swap contact photo to right in Home Tabs[All 3].
  • Option to choose Quick Contact card color and icons color.
  • Option to choose separate style and colors for Message states indicators in Home and Conversation UI.
  • Message state indicator styles.
  • Option to move message state indicator in Home UI to the Right Side.
  • Option to choose custom colors for custom bubble themes.
  • [Re] Option to choose “typing…” text colour.

Download UWTE Lite

Download UWTE Pro