ADB drivers missing are one of the biggest problem encountered by users while updating their phone or rooting. I know it’s hard for you after download the firmware package, connecting to the PC and you see “device not found” error. Every phone manufacturer has its own ADB drivers and if in your family you have you different OEM phones then I pretty sure that you might need to install different drivers when you do testing. This is required when you are a developer and need communication between PC and Android device.ADB DriversKoushik Data the man behind ClockworkMod has enough issues with ADB while working for Carbon & tethering apps. He actually decided to find a solution to it and he has actually come up here with big news showing up on tech blogs today. He has come up with ADB drivers which can be installed on any of the Windows PC without the need any trouble. Interestingly this ADB drivers supports Windows 8 powered PCs and laptops as well. It doesn’t required to turn test signing or even disable driver verification.

So with this ADB drivers you will not be cursing anyone further. The Google ADB works for all Nexus devices and so you can use that but including Nexus phone and other Android phones, ADB drivers here will work.

Feel free to download the ADB drivers and go for a test on your PC.

Download Link

Via:  +Koush [Github]