Vine says hello to kids as Vine Kids for iPhone, iDevice is now official. Vine Kids will work the same way, allowing children to watch 6 second videos but with appropriate content for their age.Vine Kids for iPhone

Vine Kids for iPhone

Kids love Vine, that’s what parents, siblings and other says and so Vine Kids was definitely on their cart.

Vine was launched in 2012 as a mobile video sharing service but Twitter acquired it in October 2012 for a deal of $30 million. Every 6 second video clip is called as vine and it can be revine it if you like it to show on your feeds and to your followers.Vine Kids App

The idea of Vine Kids came up in an office conversation in January 2015 when one of the employee explained how much his two year old daughter loved Vine videos and then came the idea of separate app for kids with appropriate content so that parents shouldn't have any problem.

Right now Vine Kids app is only available iOS platform and there is no word on Android/Windows platform availability.

Via : Vine