How to Download WhatsApp Backup to Google Drive Cloud Online

WhatsApp for Tizen phones

WhatsApp is one of the most important and popular apps nowadays. It enhances with it great features of taking local backup. But, if you are using WhatsApp of the version 2.12.45, then it will be very much flexible and allow the user to backup the messages as well as every chat to your Google Drive. You can easily recover through the simple message.

Some simple steps are important for this –

So, if you really desire to have the backup in the best way, then the first and the foremost step for you is to download the version 2.12.45. For installing its all features, you should do under the perfect security setting.

Now you need to check whether your phone has installed it properly or not. After that you need to go for “Chat backup” and also for the “Chat Setting”. “Last Google Drive backup: Never” will be your current message and below that you will get the setting for your back up. It will be perfect for you to prefer Google account and take the permission that is required for your WhatsApp.

Now, you are ready to get WhatsApp chats and messages through Google. Click on OK and when you tap “Back up now”, then it will start to backup. After that, you can get the backups on a regular basis.

When you select the options Google Drive setting, you will get its actual services. The use of these apps and storage can easily depend on the way you have stored.

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