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Check in here the WhatsApp Alternative for Firefox OS Phones, Tablets & Phablets. Check the Wassap App for Firefox OS Phones.

WhatsApp, a widely used app for free voice, text and photo messaging has had a prominent presence in smartphones operating on iOS, Android OS, Symbian and Windows OS phones, not to forget Blackberry devices. Until recently Firefox OS users were unable to use WhatsApp. Their hopes were lifted when Mozilla announced it would introduce a remarkably similar version of WhatsApp in its Firefox OS as part of the official app kit available through Firefox Marketplace. And now, it’s happened! In Spanish, you can baixar whatsapp firefox os.

Wassap app

WhatsApp is ‘Wassup’ for Firefox OS users. If you’re a Firefox OS smartphone owner and miss using WhatsApp on it you can get a piece of the ‘Wassup’ pie by heading to Firefox Marketplace and just downloading the app. The latest app version, Wassup v1.5 lets you perform most functions that WhatsApp is characterized by. It’s also quite stable and works smoothly. However the spoiler in the party is that several original WhatsApp features are not available with this app update. Despite this it’s a big start, surely on Firefox OS phones.

Wassup Features

What You Get

Most of WhatsApp features including the chat function, sending emoji, pictures, receiving audio and voice notes, videos, pictures etc and creating groups as also getting notifications etc.

What You Don’t Get

In the current ‘wassup’ version for Firefox OS you don’t have features like the ability to change subject of a group, seeing others’ status, getting real-time push notifications and adding/ removing people from an existing group.

Subsequent updates are expected to cover up the gaps so for now just download the current version from this link:, and get started on Wassap!

Update: The App has been removed from marketplace.

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