Download Xperia X Launcher, Xperia XA Themes & Boot Animation

Guide to Download Xperia X Launcher, Xperia XA Themes & Boot Animation for other Android phones.

At Mobile World Congress Sony officially launched Xperia X series of Smartphones. And for your info, Sony Xperia X series consists of Sony Xperia XXperia X Performance, and Xperia XA smartphones. All these phones run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of box and have a metallic design.

Xperia X Launcher

Since Xperia X is a whole new flagship smartphone of Sony Mobiles it comes with a new home launcher, a new theme, brand new boot animation and wallpaper collection. While we have gone through the default wallpaper download link which you can actually download to your Android phone here we go through various other Sony Xperia X default apps.

Thanks to machao44 from XDA has extracted these from Xperia X Marshmallow devices and made them available to any Sony Xperia smartphone running on Android Lollipop or higher and it requires root access. Sorry, currently no Support for Android Kitkat.

Xperia X Home Launcher

Get the Xperia X Home Launcher zip file here and flash it from recovery. Using it you can remove the menu button from the home launcher.

Xperia X Themes

Various Xperia exchange line Rose black and white and this doesn’t require root access to install and they should be installed as normal APK.Get Xperia X Themes

Xperia X Boot Animation

I am sure you are working on this section because everyone loves a different kind of boot animation. If you want to try out Sony Xperia X default boot animation then download it from the below link corresponding to your screen resolution so we have it from full HD to WVGA.Download Links

Download Xperia X Music [Requires Root]


If you are having trouble then go through the official XDA forum discussion for the link provided below.


Low RAM Launcher

So for those who are running on Android Kitkat Sony phones you should not be deducted because there is an Android Lollipop update coming out very soon to your handset. Check out our official list of Sony Android Marshmallow update plan as there are 15 handsets planned to receive this update moving on from Android Lollipop to Marshmallow. For Kitkat to Lollipop you might need to try out a different custom ROM altogether or directly update to Marshmallow.

Via: XDA

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