Download XPeria Z1 TimeShift Burst App which captures 61 photos in 2 seconds. Check Xperia Z1 Timeshift burst apk download.

Sony Mobile has always provided better results when it comes to camera on smartphones. Sony Xperia Z1 was released in September 2013 powered with 20.7 mega pixel camera with ½.3” sensor size capable of 1080p full HD video recording at 30 fps. Not only that, with Xperia Z1, Sony introduced Timeshift burst app which captures 61 photos in just two seconds.TimeShift Burst

Wow! 61 HD photos in 2 seconds is just amazing and this TimeShift app has been officially released for Android phones via Play Store. So no tension of downloading the APK and no worries of latest version TimeShift Burst apk as you get updates directly as available.

Here is how to take best photo using TimeShift Burst capture –

  • Start you phone camera using TimeShift burst mode
  • Press the Camera key to start taking photos
  • 61 thumbnails will show up on your screen
  • Swipe the thumbnails to select one of the best.

Compatibility: Well, well. This is something you should check out. The app isn’t compatible with my Nexus 5 phone running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

Download TimeShift Burst via Play Store