You are on to this page because you love Vodafone Zoozoos ads as much as I love them. Actually it’s a good idea from Vodafone not to go with celebrities to pay them millions for just few seconds ads and secondly these ads looks more innovative with Zumi characters.Zumi Zumi Vodafone Song

Over the last two months there has been a number of Zoo zoos ads atleast 25 of them were shown during Indian Premier League(IPL).

You love Zumi Zumi then you can download it by following methods and set it as your ringtone –

  • is one of the most popular and trusted source of mobile wallpapers, ringtones and games. Visit the page and click on any of the listed ringtone.
  • It can be downloaded in two ways – one way is scan the QR code, open the site in your phone browser and download the tone, the other way is to download the ringtone on PC and then transfer file to your phone.Zedge download

By YouTube Video Download

  • You can also download Zumi Zumi Extended version by any of the plugin or Youtube Video as Mp3 downloader.
  • Once downloaded move the file to your phone and apply it as ringtone.

Zumi Zumi as Video Ringtone

Many of us are aware that your phone is capable of video ringtone, you need to download Zumi Zumi video from YouTube but not mp3 in this case and then move the downloaded video to your Android, Windows or any other phone. It's the matter of time to change the ringtone and start listening to your favorite Zumi Zumi whenever some one calls you.

Img Credit - Facebook/zoozoo