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Anyone who likes the idea of dragons and the mysticism surrounding them will like this game that’s based on the concept of people keeping dragons as combat partners and training them! Dragon City is a cool new game wrapped in a world of magic and settled in magical islands. Here as an inhabitant you can breed them and watch them grow into impressively big creatures. You can embark on different quests and adventures with your fiery winged partner. Hatching a dragon’s egg is fun, you don’t know what to expect! Excellent graphics and a great set of quests to play in different levels make for an engaging game.Dragon City game

Find tracking links removed in the latest version. You also get an updated tracking logic and troll notifications apart from the latest framework. Like most other Facebook games Dragon City doesn’t have energy points which require to be filled. Gems are a good feature and you can either buy them or get more by gameplay features like completing some quests, going levels up and engaging in Dragon combat.

Dragon City Game: What You Get

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  • Get the unlimited Gold for Dragon city
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  • Get unlimited gems
  • Dragon generating tool
  • Secret codes during gameplay
  • Energy generator tool
  • Ability to invite friends for getting more neighbors
  • Auto connect to Facebook bypassing password requirement

Steps to Use for Dragon City

  • Login with Facebook account
  • Start the tool
  • Edit values
  • Click ‘Start ….’
  • Visit the Dragon city Facebook game application

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