8 Educational Paths that Are Ideal for Techies

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If you have a love for the technology you’re already on the right path because techies can do just about anything they put their mind to. However, the question is not whether you’re capable of doing something. The question is what do you want to do in your career and what kind of lifestyle do you want to have? What if you could be paid to put your technical skills and passion to good use?

Luckily, in today’s world, there’s an abundance of opportunity for the average techie to get a job that will have them working with and creating new technologies on a regular basis.

With that said, here are eight educational paths that any techie might find enjoyable:

1. Business Administration

With technology becoming an increasingly important aspect of business management, committing to the goal of earning a masters in business administration is a wise aspiration for any techie who wants to set their sights high. After all, why would you want to settle for lower paying jobs when your technical proficiency makes you a suitable candidate to act as a manager, supervisor, or another high-paid employee?

If you’d like to study for an MBA online but would rather deal with a university that’s based in your area, you can do so by using these web search parameters “online MBA programs” followed by the name of your city/state. For example: “online MBA programs in Michigan.”

2. Computer Engineering

If you enjoy working with computers, you might want to look into earning a degree in computer engineering. You can also become a computer engineer by earning a degree in computer science.

There are many online schools that will provide access to programs that let you earn your master’s in computer engineering in just five years. Plus, you’ll enjoy a starting salary of around $70,000 that you’re practically guaranteed to earn due to your new set of skills and shiny resume credential.

3. Software Development

Of course, every techie would love to be able to say that they know how to create apps and software from scratch. In fact, that skill set essentially makes you a technological demigod in that you’ll have the ability to invent new interfaces, websites, and applications that contribute to the ever-growing tech sphere.

That might not seem very godly, but when you consider the fact that less than 2% of the world’s population holds a degree in software development, you’ll be in a very special class of people who fuel the ongoing advancement of the global software economy and the internet as a whole.

4. Video Game Development

Video game developers have some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling jobs on the planet. While you’ll need to be prepared for a steep learning curve and plenty of tedious work along the way, the reward of being able to develop games will definitely feel worth it, especially if you’re already a passionate gamer.

If you ever find yourself coming up with ideas for new features, improvements, and mods for the games you play, chances are you’d stay entertained with a job as a video game developer.

5. Information Systems Analysis

If you’re good with numbers and want a career that will put you in high-demand for high-paying jobs, becoming an information analyst might be right up your alley. The technical side of this job will come in the form of operating analytical software and web interfaces to gather data and create comprehensive reports.

So, if you’re good at learning how to use complicated software, you may have what it takes to become an information systems analyst, which isn’t something that everyone can honestly claim. If you’re willing to step up to the plate, you’ll be rewarded with an average annual salary of $92,000.

6. Audio Engineering

If you’re a techie who also loves music, becoming an audio engineer is a great way for you to fulfill your desire to work with software and technological devices while also participating in music production.

This is a perfect educational path for anyone who has already dabbled in music production and wants to perfect their craft or for music fans who want to play a professional role in the industry. The salary for an audio engineer can vary widely, but nonetheless, it’s a great option for any musical techie.

7. Automotive Engineering

If you like cars and technology, look no further than a degree in automotive engineering. You’ll have the ability to not only earn high hourly rates as a mechanic but also fix and renovate your own vehicles and even restore classics. The ability to build and repair cars is something that will keep you fascinated and occupied with an interesting hobby for many years to come. You can also apply your skills as an auto mechanic to fix up older cars and re-sell them for profit as a licensed used car dealer.

8. Electrical Engineering

With a degree in electrical engineering, you can become an electrician or use your knowledge to create electronic inventions of your own. If you’re a real techie, then you probably already know about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other DIY computer components that you can use to make electronic devices.

As an electrical engineer, you’ll be a master at creating such home-made gadgets. Plus, you’ll be earning an annual salary of around $95,000 along with great job benefits.

There’s a Good Chance You’d Enjoy Being a Developer or Engineer

As you can deduce, with eight of out of the above nine suggestions having something to do with engineering or development, any techie should have no problem staying inquisitive and enthusiastic as an engineer or developer.

With these careers, you’ll not only be working with technology professionally, but you’ll also be involved in driving technological innovation forward through the creation and improvement of new apps, software, devices, and inventions.

As an added benefit, if you decide to work in other fields, having any of the above degrees will serve to give a positive impression that you’re a highly competent and intelligent job candidate.

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