5 Effective Apps to Spy on Android without Touching It

Android Spy apps

Has one of your techie friend told you about a way to spy on android without touching it? If yes, then he is not wrong. Many solutions allow you to track any smartphone remotely. The best thing is that these applications are completely secure and do not possess any risk to your smartphone.

There was a time when it all sounded like a dream. But not anymore. Today, you can try this solution as your next spy app for android. Additionally, several other platforms can help spy on any device. 

If you are having a hard time believing these facts, then here are the 5 effective apps to spy on Android without touching it:


Best Known For: It is best known for its complete phone monitoring solutions to stay updated with someone’s activities.

Minspy’s website started the trend of accessing a device’s information without touching it. It is a phone monitoring application that works as a powerful tool to get into someone’s device remotely. With this application, anyone can track an android device and check its messages, location, social media accounts, and much more.

Minspy has a family of one million active users. Additionally, it is mentioned in some of the most popular forums of PCMag, TechRadar, and Forbes. Hence, you can trust this application and use it for Android monitoring.

People trust it as there is no root or jailbreak involved in this process. It means that the security of the device is never compromised by this application. Additionally, they let us check a demo version of this application on their website. You can use it to understand how it works and why it is such a big deal.

It is an excellent choice for both android and iPhone users. Its web-based solutions allow you to monitor the devices without installing an application on your device. Just login to your Minspy account and start tracking the device you want.

Features of Minspy For Android Monitoring

Keylogger: Keylogger is the most famous feature of this application. It captures all the keystrokes made on the device and organizes it based on the application where it was used.

Location Tracker: Track any Android device by using this feature. Additionally, you can perform SIM tracking in case the GPS of the targeted device is not working.

Social Media Spy: This phone monitoring application allows you to check all the social media accounts logged in on that device. It includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Best Known For: This application is famous for its fast and effective solutions to track any smartphone within a few minutes.

Here is another popular application to track someone’s android activities. This application was first used by the parents and employers for tracking some devices. It comes with a parental control feature that allows parents to stay updated with their kid’s location.

On the other hand, it is helpful for employers to ensure that all their employees are working properly. Additionally, it also prevents any leakage of confidential data by the employees. It is similar to Minspy and works on the same concept.

However, you can expect some advanced features from this application. It includes a remote call recorder for the targeted device. Hence, you can record all their live calls without letting them know about it.

Note: The application works on a subscription-based model to provide effective solutions.


Best Known For: It is popular for the android keylogger that records everything from the targeted device and shows it on your dashboard.

People who love to explore new and advanced technologies would love this application. Spyine comes with some of the most advanced tools and offers a reliable solution to track someone’s mobile activities. Additionally, it has an android keylogger that can help you gather the most confidential data from someone’s device.

After installing Spyine, the keylogger starts recording the keystrokes of the device and understand the pattern. After that, you can check all the passwords that they type on their device. It also includes the messages that they delete after sending them to someone.

Some experts believe that Spyine can be the next big thing in this industry. However, it has one or two fewer features than the Minspy application. You can check their website to decide whether it is the right application for you.


Best Known For: This application is best known for its parental control feature that works as an excellent tool to monitor kid’s activities.

Spyic is a solution for new parents who want to monitor their kid’s activities. It can also be used as a parental control feature as it comes with all the features necessary to track your kid’s device. The location tracker allows you to check the real-time location of the device.

Additionally, it can record all the places visited by them, and show it on your online account. This way, you can do the remote surveillance of your kid without worrying about the security of their device.

Considering the nature of this application, developers have provided some additional security features to keep data safe from other parties.


Best Known For: This application is famous for its quick and effective verification process of the targeted device. 

If you want to use the latest technology in phone tracking, then Neatspy is the best application for you. It will reduce the waiting time for phone verification and will provide a reliable way to access the information. The application is helpful when you don’t have much time to keep someone’s phone to set up the whole process.

Hence, it can be an excellent solution for the above scenario. However, it may not be as powerful as the above applications. The reason is- Minspy and Spyine provide an Advanced keylogger that comes with multiple filters.

Depending on the situation, you can decide whether you should try the Neatspy application or go for the other ones.

Final Words

Tracking an Android device is much easier with a phone monitoring application. The fact that these applications no longer require rooted devices makes them more reliable. Now anyone can install them on an Android device and monitor all the activities without touching the phone.

The above five applications are the best tools for Android monitoring. However, all of them are known for some of their specific features. Hence, you can check the “Best Known For” section of these applications to go for the best application for you.

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