How to Enable Automatic App Update on iPhone, iPad

How to Enable Automatic App Update on iPhone

Check out the guide on How to enable automatic app update on iPhone, iPad.

There is an excellent option to download and update automatically all the apps in iCloud if you have purchased two or more iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. Yes, you are well aware of iTunes under iCloud which gives you a brilliant opportunity to sync everything automatically.

So, enabling the option of automatic downloads for apps in iPhone will give you a chance to see these apps on your iPad which seems to be a wonderful tool. No doubt, it is also authentic for iBooks and music tracks too.

Enable Automatic App Update on iPhone

Steps to enable automatic downloads for apps in iPad and iPhone –

  1. At first, you should open the Settings app on iPad or iPhone.
  2. Choose iTunes & App Store to be tapped.
  3. Scroll down the menu and look for Automatic Downloads Tap on it and you will find different options with toggle option which need to be turned on against your favorite apps like music and iBooks.
  4. Enabling this option will automatically download your favorite apps in both the iOS devices, however; it will consume a lot of cellular data. It is better to turn the option of Use Cellular Data to Off This option would be available under a section of Automatic Downloads and it will be active only when your device finds any secure Wi-Fi connection.
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How this Automatic Downloads functions?

  1. Books – Suppose you have downloaded your favorite iBook on iPad then it will reappear on other compatible iOS devices with iBook feature.
  2. Apps – When the user downloads any app on one device, it will be automatically downloaded to another iOS device with a feature of Automatic Downloads enabled.
  3. Music – If you have bought any song on iPhone from iTunes then this song track will be available automatically on other compatible devices such as Mac, iPod, iPad and other gadgets, however; iTunes should be compatible with that particular iOS device.
  4. Updates for apps – This feature will slightly vary from the other facilities depending on the features available with iOS devices. Yes, you will have to turn the automatic updates on if you want the App Store to install latest updates for apps on your device without seeking any permission of the account’s owner.

So, that was the guide on how to update Apple iPhone.

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