Enable Auto Download of Newsstand Subscriptions – Background App Refresh on iPad, iPhone

In this guide checkout how to auto download Newsstand Subscriptions, enabling background app refresh on iPad and iPhone.

by Apple consumers can now get endless benefits in the Newsstand section where some sort of changes has been applied to the facility of automatic downloads. In iOS 8, you will find some amazing modifications as background app fresh because there is no need of enabling or triggering the option of automatic downloads in the settings section. Such features of background app refresh and automatic downloads is very much same as that of the Cloud section in iTunes!iPhone App Refresh

Background App Refresh on iPad, iOS 7

Steps for enabling background app refresh in iOS 7 for Newsstand publications –

  1. First of all, you will have to launch Settings app in iPad or iPhone which runs on iOS 7 or above versions.
  2. The user will then have to tap on the General.
  3. Next to it, you are required to tap on the Background App Refresh.
  4. In the new menu, simply explore the specific and required newsstand publication for which you need automatic downloads enabled now.
  5. After finding that particular newsstand publication, you simply have to turn ‘On’ the background app refresh for that very subscription.

You are done with it! This process of enabling background app refresh is very simple and convenient for the iOS 7 users. So, what you will have to do here is to enable the background app refresh option for specific publications or subscriptions in the settings sections so that automatic downloads feature is activated. Also, you are free to leave all the other newsstand subscription disabled that is required to be triggered at later stage for automatic downloads.

Transfer iCloud Library to Android

With this feature, you will be pleased with the similar experience as in the iTunes which offers you the same facility for automatic downloads in Cloud however; this very new feature is available in a new and easily accessible region of your favorite gadget.

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