How to Enable Lost Mode on iPhone, iPad as Preventive Measure

In this guide check out how to Enable Lost mode on iPhone & iPad.

Find my Phone” is a safety feature on your iOS which enables you to track and lock your phone in case you lose your phone. Locking the phone makes it useless for the person who receives or steals your phone.

Lost Mode on iPhone


Enable Lost Mode on iPhone

One feature of this ‘Find my phone’ app is the activation lock, through which you can remotely lock your device, by putting it on Lost Mode. By doing this, you can also add a custom message on your misplaced device’s screen, which you want to show to the person who gets your phone.

The Lost Mode can be activated from the ‘Find my phone’ app on any iOS device or from logging in to Apple iCloud by any web browser.

You can turn on the Apple iPhone Lost Mode by following these steps:

  1. Use any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and login to ‘Find my iPhone’ app using the Apple ID and password of your device.
  2. After logging in, this app will show a list of phones or devices linked to the given Apple ID. Select your phone or device.
  3. Select actions, and activate the Lost Mode from the given options.
  4. A screen for confirming your choice will appear. Confirm and activate the Lost Mode for your phone.
  5. If your device doesn’t have a passcode, you will have to set one on the spot.
  6. Now enter a phone number, which will be displayed on the lock screen of your phone, in case it is lost, so that the person who gets your phone shall be able to communicate with you.
  7. Finally, type a message that you want to be displayed on your lost phone and tap ‘Done’.

So, that was a simple guide on how to enable Lost mode on Apple iPhone. This creates a safety feature in case of loss of your phone.

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