Enabled WiFi Tethering or USB Hotspot on Firefox Phones

Firefox phones such as Intex Cloud Fx, Spice Fire One is gaining popularity as compared to Nokia Asha phones that demand more money from the consumers due to affordability and availability of innovative internet sharing features. Firefox is keen to give run of money for all the featured phones priced between $20 to $50.Firefox OS Tethering

Hotspot on Firefox Phones

Call it as hotspot on Firefox phones or tethering there are two kinds of options available – one is WiFi tethering and other is USB tethering. Since none of the Firefox OS phones are carrier contract phones, all the phones can share mobile data to other device nearby.

Firefox OS WiFi Tethering/Hotspot

Surfing the internet has become much easier for the friend circle after setting up compatible connection through tethering or hotspot through Wi-Fi. Yes, your friends will be happy to surf the internet through the connection shared by your Firefox phones.

  1. Simply open the Notifications Center by swiping down from the top of your screen.
  2. You will find gear icon for Settings options in the top row of Notification Center which should be tapped.
  3. Option of Internet Sharing should be then tapped and opened in your phone.
  4. What you need to do here is to turn the knob on for WiFi Hotspot which will allow your data connection to be shared. This feature also offers you the choice of changing Security Type, SSID and the Security Key for internet sharing however; you should turn off the hotspot for editing these options.

Firefox Phone USB Tethering

You can also connect your PC to the Firefox phone through USB cable and then turn on Internet sharing from your phone to PC. Just follow the process mentioned below –

  1. You should again tap on the Settings icon found in the Notifications Center.
  2. Open the Internet Sharing option.
  3. USB tethering knob should be turned on.
  4. Firefox smartphone should be connected then to the PC and simply have patience until the compatible drivers get installed on your system. Enjoy unlimited browsing on your PC by following this simple process.

Note: Tethering might not be available if your carrier has locked it. Contract your service provider for more information.

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Firefox OS and phones have taken internet sharing feature to a new height which can be easily accomplished through USB tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot. PC browsing and surfing internet for your friends will be now convenient if you have recently bought a new Firefox phone.

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