Enhance your Fornite Gaming Experience with these Next Level Headsets

Fornite Gaming experience

PUBG and Fortnite are among the most played action games on both Apple’s App Store and Android Play Store. Their gameplay quality depends on the strength of the network connection supporting them which should ideally be as supercharged as the one offered by Windstream internet packages.

Xiaomi recently launched PUBG alternative called Survival Game but it went down with least to no players at all. Although PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is everyone’s favorite game, the Fortnite has generated the highest revenue in mobile action gaming.

Both PUBG and Fortnite are an excellent game with high graphics and best quality. Nothing compares the thrill of pulling an all-nighter with your peeps if you are a true gamer at heart. Dodging obstacles, forming strategies, and raging at a near kill-shot are enough to get the adrenaline going. However, one highly important element in this Fortnite set up is the gaming gear, which ultimately decides the victory factor. It includes advanced displays, customized chairs, special PCs or laptops, and of course, headsets.

The necessity of effective communication cannot be stressed enough, especially when you are playing high-end multiplayer games such as Fortnite, which by the way, has accrued about 125 million players around the world as of now (businessofapps.com). It’s Battle Royale’ mode essentially depends upon a team perfectly relaying tactical directions to each other in order to beat its ‘last man standing’ challenge. A single misplaced move could bring the whole collective down.

That is why experts recommend multiplayer gamers to get their headset gears modified to the latest versions, so as to ward off any sort of cooperation bumps. In case you are wondering which headsets to purchase for taking your team to the next level, the following entries will surely quell your Fortnite thirst.

Keep in mind that the attributes of a top-notch gaming headset include a pin-point/focused audio, surround sound for spatial recognition, comfortable over-the-ear cushioning, and a crystal-clear mic for chatting without a hitch.

Check out the best in the line headsets below –

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Released only recently, this headset stands out due to its SUPER-AMP feature, which amplifies even the smallest sound in the background, either a footstep or a bush rustle, to give the players a tactical advantage. This remarkable heightening of the spatial sounds makes Elite Pro 2 ideal for Fortnite shooters. Moreover, it is nicely cushioned with soft ear support and a padded headband.

The only downside to this multi-featured item is the price, which hovers above $200 or so. However, the ‘superhuman sound’ audio attribute and wide-ranging device compatibility make it worthwhile. I mean, if you gain the ability to predict what is coming around the corner and prepare for it in a split-second, you could actually convert the Fortnite odds in your favor. Think about it.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

This series gives you the option to go for wireless headsets as well, powered by Bluetooth, and boasting a double battery life of about twenty hours straight, giving you an uninterrupted sensation of gameplay. The audio is high-fidelity, meaning your sound will never ‘drop’ mid-play. A cable of 1.5 m length caters to your wired needs too.

Design-wise, Arctis Pro resembles something out of a sci-fi film, with its sleek curves and futuristic tinge. Though it weighs a little heavier than some of its competitors, it’s sturdy + reliable microphone and acute + punchy bass system makes us ignore that tiny con.

You can purchase it for around $131.99 at Amazon. Arctis Pro is ‘affordability’ and ‘high-quality’ packed into one.

Razer Kraken Pro V2

Looking for a budget-friendly headset that perfectly renders the exhilarating Fortnite sounds? If yes, then don’t go further than the Razer Kraken, as it’s Pro V2 version is available for only $70 or so at Amazon! It is not just the jaw-droppingly affordable rate, this headset gear elicits a remarkable audio experience with its sharp mic and fine-tuned noise-catching tech.

The way it handles the weighty bass is quite professional as well. Moreover, if you wear this headset over your ears, you’ll not even know it’s there because of its extremely comfortable and lightweight build.

Audio Technica ATH-AG1x

The 53 mm drivers in its audio setup speak for themselves, giving a rich sound experience to the player. The mic has a noise-canceling feature that enables you to communicate with your fellow Fortnite players flawlessly, minus any background disturbance, courtesy of the additional windscreen. The padded head support and soft on-ear covering give it a spectacular comfortability ratio.

Audio Technica has a closed back audio design and a 2 mm cable extension. The only demerit is the hefty price, which ranges from $250 to $300 at Amazon. But, if you’re focused on the exceptional sound quality which would give you a fair Fortnite victory, then, you wouldn’t mind investing in it, right?

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Sennheiser Game One

This is the best-looking audio gear out there with a minimal and sleek design like no other. Game One has a sound-sensitive audio driver setup, which renders a pulsating feel to the player, though there is certainly space for improvement in the bass region. The mic is on point too, allowing you to communicate perfectly with your mate when the pressures are running high. Plus, it is pretty easy to plug in and play. So, do check it out.

Sennheiser Game One can be purchased online for $115.

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In conclusion, no Fortnite gaming experience could ever be complete without a wonderful, high-tech headset—the best of which are mentioned above—supporting multiplayer communication in a crisp and clear way.

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