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Are you one of those parents who have to keep snatching their kids’ devices from their hands, especially during mealtime, study hours or at night? Are you in a constant battle with your kids? You don’t have to be. Snatching their devices can result in a rebellious reaction from their end; maybe not now, but soon they can start arguing to get hold of their tech back. To avoid that stage and keep a friendly relation with your kid intact, take advantage of the Android parental control app that can save you from all these hazards. With any advanced parental control app in hand, parents can now.

Parental Control App

Why snatch their device when you can make them leave it anytime you want? Using the parental app, you can put a lock on your kids’ device remotely and remove their access. Obviously, they will get mad at you initially, but you can tackle this matter politely. When they come to you and ask you to unlock it, you can tell them to finish the chore, meal or the intended activity first and they can have access to their device back. You can teach them to earn their screen time, so the battle can end peacefully. In addition to locking their device, you can try blocking their favorite apps for some specific time. For this, apps like FamilyTime offer a feature-set called App Blocker.

App Blocker is another great feature being offered by FamilyTime. The feature enables parents to block apps on their kid’s device remotely. To determine, which application they should block, the app lets parents have a look at the apps installed on their device. They can also see the frequency of their app usage with the details of when was the app installed, what version is in use, how much time was spent over the app, when was the app used etc. All this information helps them make their decision. And this is not all. The FamilyTime app does more than just removing the device access. To know more about the app, visit the company’s website.

Fighting with kids is a childish act. Be smart, be tech-savvy. Use the Android parental control app now and manage how can they use their device and when.

FamilyTime Features

Once the FamilyTime app is installed, you can –

  1. Monitor Web-History And Bookmarks: You can view the complete web-browser history of your teen’s phone along with the pages they have bookmarked.
  2. View Installed Apps: View the complete list of apps installed in their phone/tab.
  3. Blacklist Apps: After having a look at the complete list of apps, you can add any app you find inappropriate to the Blacklist, and restrict them from using it.
  4. Check App Usage Frequency: You can view the app usage frequency to see the time spent on each app.
  5. Watchlist Contacts: You can add any contacts in their phone/tab to the Watchlist and get alerts every time a contact is made from either side.
  6. Remotely Lock Phone: You can lock their phone remotely from your parent Dashboard whenever and for how long you want, with one touch.

If you want to download this app, go now to your iTunes or Google Play Store.

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