8 Vital Techs to Make You Feel Home While Away On Global Travel

Traveling the world can be the most fulfilling experience for those who love adventure. And do not let your boring college custom term paper to hold you back from traveling. Interacting with new people, sampling fresh food, and experiencing great scenic places ranging from the wild to iconic buildings can refresh you and etch lasting memories. But, traveling involves leaving behind the comforts and familiarities of the home environment, which can be frustrating if not adequately catered for by the traveler.

So how can a traveler ensure they are at home away from home?

Critical Tech to Make You Feel Home While Away On Global Travel

Technology surrounds every individual in virtually every aspect of the human way of life. Tech allows for easier maneuver from the kitchen to the laundry rooms at home. So for an international traveler to achieve a relative sense of comfort while traveling, having certain techs become crucial as new places come with unique challenges owing to differing development or lack of it in specific destinations.

Here are eight techs that you should have when on the road to different destination spots.

Scrubba Smart Laundry Bag

Everyone loves fresh and clean clothes, and this is no different while traveling. Specific destinations require camping and keeping clothes fresh and clean is next to impossible. Sleeping in hostels or endless camping days with a lack of washing facilities and all the heat can take its toll.

To ensure you have clean clothes without dragging your washing machine along, consider Scrubba. It is a wash bag with small interior nodules that requires you to load it with dirty laundry and soapy water. You then scrub it the outdated washboard way to clean your clothes. It is small and fit in an overcrowded rucksack, which makes it convenient to carry.

The Water Sanitizer

To get fresh and clean water while on the road to a new destination is not a guarantee. So to ensure your health and safety, a LifeStraw high-tech bottle can be perfect as it can filter and clean your drinking water with a 99% efficiency level for bacteria, heavy metals, and micro-plastics.

The sand-free Rug

It is an important piece that favors holidaymakers more than backpackers. The sand-free C-gear is designed to sift sand particles in a one-way fashion and is perfect for laying on the beach without a worry.

Need to activate your VPN

It stands for the virtual private network and safeguards your data from hackers when online. Travelling entails the use of public internet to access information such as mobile data, free WiFi, etc. as you often are away from your household network.

A VPN service will mask your device IP and encrypt your files, making it harder for hackers to access your credit card details and passcodes.

A Secure Backpack

Historic sites and cities attract millions of people annually, and with it increased rates of opportunistic crime. So you need peace of mind to savor the experience that art galleries and renowned museums provide. To do this, you must be sure that your valuables are safe.

A secure anti-slash backpack with crafty strap security hooks, uniquely designed RFID-blocking compartments to shield you from scanning scams and lockable zippers will ensure relative safety of your valuables.

Power bank (solar-powered)

The right type of a power bank ensures every tech device you carry along is powered. A solar-powered power bank will provide this even in areas with no electricity or scenarios with adaptor plug challenges. Further, it helps in charging automatically when you are on the go.

A sequestered mesh network

The network turns your cell phone into a walkie-talkie when traveling off-grid and ensures you stay connected. The GoTenna allows for a free map download, location sharing, and communication with friends by pairing to your cell.

The Duolingo language game

Technically this isn’t a tech piece, but it’s an app that uses gamification to help with learning foreign languages. It operates as a game where you unlock new rounds and categories as scale levels. It uses visual cues, speech, and comprehension of reading to enhance your skills.

You can make use of the Google Translate tool or any local language translate app available in that particular country.


Global travel is fun, and there is no better way to enjoy than to lose yourself in the experience and make lasting memories. Having these tech pieces will help reduce your frustration and anxiety levels while traveling.

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