With the importance and utility of technology increasing at a booming pace in our life, tech events have become a glam studded concept. From the famous Mobile World Congress (MWC) to the launch of a new iPhone, every event is attended by people flying from all over to take a look at the new magical gizmo being launched. Many companies now prefer to have individual launches of their products rather than launching them in an exhibition so as to increase the publicity they get. And for this very purpose celebrities are hired to endorse products in these events. Today, let us examine one of the most common phenomenon that occur in such star-studded tech events. The reasons why techies do not gel well with celebrities!techies celebs launc parties

Reason Number 1 : Lack of Knowledge

It is astounding to note that many celebrities have no insight whatsoever into the specifications of the product they are endorsing. Try walking up to a celebrity who is endorsing a phone and ask him a particular aspect of it. You will be shocked to see the results. Let us study this with an example. Suppose a Celebrity 'X' is endorsing a Samsung Tablet at an event in Italy. You will hear him/her say things like 'I just have not been able to let go of it for the last 2 weeks' or ' I don't know how I survived without this Tablet'. Now ask him/her the processor speed/pixel per inch count and brace yourself for a heavy silence. When such uninformed celebrities become a face for the product they slogged to create, techies naturally resent the celeb.

Reason Number 2: Outshining the Product

After toiling throughout the year on getting the gizmo to near functionality, techies look to see the appreciation and acknowledgement they would get. Also, they try their best to gain valuable insights into the conditions of their competitors and engross themselves in exploring all the products for display. In a star-studded event, more often than not, the star takes away most of the attention away from the product. Questions are directed more towards the celeb's life than the product in question. How then can techies amicably interact with the very people who are stealing away their moment?

Reason Number 3: Acting/Hyper Excitement

We accept that with the constant attention of Media, celebs are experienced in putting on acts and expressing things way overboard. However, extending the same habit in these events turns off techies to no end. Celebs hold the product in their hands and wave it about, exclaiming at the top of their lungs about how good the product is. While techies hopelessly stand around trying to convey that the celebrity is holding the device upside down. But nobody seems to care! Why would they, when everyone is focusing on the celebrity and not on the product. Instead of preparing acts and exclamations, if the celebs had gone through the specs and the utility of the gadgets once, the techies would be in a much better spot.

Reason Number 4: Attracting Unwanted Crowds

Where there are celebs, there are fans! This perhaps is one theory Einstein and Newton forgot to postulate. Celebs make no attempt to conceal their location and are followed by hordes of people with no knowledge of any distinction between a dual-core and quad-core processor.And when such a crowd turns up at the gates of a tech event, merely to catch a glimpse or get an autograph of the celebs, techies are bound to feel irritated. Along with this, an increase in the crowd transcends to more stress on the refreshments, less space for moving around and higher chances of knocking down things. In this aspect the presence of celebrities in a tech event are like alcohol management groups, they attract people with no direction or idea of where they are whatsoever.

Reason Number 5: Mistaking the Audience for a Bunch of Illiterates

It is but common sense that the audience gathered at a tech event will be well-versed in most of the features of the products on display and will be eager to be given brief and correct information regarding the same. When such intelligent people walk over, inquisitive on what little pleasures the next gadget has to offer, celebs make a perfect fool out of themselves by making comments like 'Ooh, it has a front camera AND a back one'. The childishness of the remark combined with the evident over-reacting that celebs display puts off the consumers/tech lovers at the events. This reflects badly on the product and has, in some cases, degraded its sales considerably. Keeping this in mind, there is no reason for a techie to not be frustrated with the way his efforts are being ruined.

And there, these are some of the reasons why techies do not like and do not mix with celebs at tech events. The basic underlying problem is that celebs make no attempt to find out more on the product they are endorsing which ends up with near-disastrous consequences. That said, there are a few celebrities who are quite tech savvy and endorse the products just the right way. Lord knows we need more of them!