Final Fantasy XIV Mining Guide to become Pro Player

Final Fantasy XIV mining guide

There are lots of ways to earn much-needed Gil in the world of Final Fantasy XIV, but mining is perhaps one of the more accessible ways to do so. Whether you want to level up your mining or just want to know how to earn some quick FFXIV Gil, we’ve got you! With our definitive Final Fantasy XIV Mining Guide, we’ll help you learn exactly what to collect, how to level up quickly, and many more!

How to Level Up in Mining

Gatherers rarely make profits as considerable ascrafters do but fortunately, if you pick up mining, it steadily picks up the pace once you start getting into collectibles. If you want to start getting more valuable ores and whatnot, first you’ll need to attain a high level. The fastest way to level up is to do a mining quest—which is always available. Be sure to pick up a few Manuals of Survival as well since they give a big boost in the direct mining XP (meaning actually hitting the rocks), and they’re active during levels too. The duration of these Manuals of Survival lasts for about three hours, so you can get a nice amount of bonus XP if you keep at it for long enough. If you still have some seals to spare, opt to buy a few cordials that cost around 300 GP since it’ll be useful for longer levels.

You need to make sure you know all about gaining experience points in the most efficient way possible. Choosing the right level quests—the ones with evaluation—can potentially yield insane amounts of experience points. Furthermore, you should be keeping key pieces of gear up-to-date to get maximum experience points per node. And if you want to make the most of every node, using your skills properly is the answer.

If you’re at about level 30, the best place to go to is Costa Del Sol. The levels are not exactly great, but there you can pick up loads of gemstones for Goldsmith (GSM), so you can boost your mining level there at the same time. The gemstones, whether raw or cut, don’t necessarily sell for crazy amounts but they’re still okay as a steady source of extra income.

When you’ve hit level 35, it’s best to head off for Coerthas Central Highlands next and do levequests and mine there. One of the main quests called Mythril Madness is one of those quests that have a rating evaluation, so you’ll get lots of EXP. While doing quest like these, if you keep your gear up-to-date you should always be able to get the max bonus EXP which is 25%.

Where to Earn Gil in Mining

Mining node locations are all over and can get pretty confusing if you don’t know where to find the best spots. If you want to get items that have pretty decent levels, then head to the Quarrymill, right in the zone of South Shroud. There you’ll find valuable rocks such as the Earth Rock, Ice Rock, and Wind Rock. Alternatively, you can go off to the Upper Paths where you can mine for Silver Ores and Silver Sands—both of which make for a pretty penny. Just make sure it’s not the type of Silver Ore that can be bought at the Amajiaavendor (NPC).

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Besides farming up valuable stones and ores, you also need to check the market board since prices fluctuate and go from trash to gold (and vice versa) within days—depending on the current demand. When farming in these locations, always remember to go for shards before crystals, especially in midrange stacks like 100 since people are more willing to shell out FFXIV Gil for that more for crafting. They will sell fast to people who don’t want one to two thousand of them at a time.

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