10 Finance Applications to Make Students Lives Easier

Best Finance apps

Managing a budget is challenging, especially if you have limited income during college time. Moreover, students who study finance need not just to think about where to get money but also how to write assignments. When you ask, “please, do my finance homework,” it is essential to understand what issue you expect to cover. Some students ask for homework help to boost their knowledge about financial processes, and others want to save time doing college tasks. Still, with the help of our ten recommendations on finance applications, you can save not only your time but also money for implementing the craziest dreams.

  1. Wallet

Using Wallet, students can stay in control of their finances easily. If you want to track your spendings, it is not easy to find something better than this tool. This mobile application shows your incomes and outcomes in a circle graph so you can easily see your budget state in one picture. Track your payments by connecting your bank account. The Wallet application integrates with various worldwide banks so you can stay confident in precise figures on your screen.

  1. Money manager

This expense tracker is designed to make your budget clear. Get a better understanding of transaction details and categories you spend your money on most frequently. All these functions are available in different currencies. Turn on a reminder for regular payments not to miss necessary services for you. Personalize your expenses with categories such as utility bills, food, traveling, and others. With the daily report, you can explain to yourself whether you go out of budget or not.

  1. Spendee

If you’ve planned to manage your savings, Spendee will help you to see the big picture of your budget. With encrypted data, you can stay confident that your bank details are safe and secured. When you want to gain your financial goals with Spendee, you can organize your financial state and efficiently manage various operations. For instance, you can improve your financial habits and see which category takes more money than you actually want.

  1. Monny

Have you been looking for a tool that wins your heart at first glance? Meet Monny! This is one of the most outstanding financial trackers designed as a game or fairy-tale. Join the challenge in the park-adventure theme and save your money easily. Cut unnecessary spendings by seeing the overall budget picture. Moreover, you don’t need to link any of your bank accounts to see an analytical report of your money. In the Monny app, you can organize your payments and customize them up to your needs (business, travel, domestic, personal, etc.)

  1. Efics

When you need to plan your financial operations, you can easily manage them with the Efics app. Create budgets for different needs and organize your expenses in a detailed chart. Safe SMS parsing lets your account stay encrypted. Integration between devices is helpful when you need to track your income and outcome from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Compare periods to see which months you spend more and when incomes exceed outcomes. Add several wallets in different currencies to see where you save more and pay less to organize your savings efficiently.

  1. Money Lover

Sometimes students need to get a notification when they go overspending. Money Lover is an ultimate application with various useful functions. To handle the budget easily, take a picture, and it is automatically added to your expenses list. All information is synchronized with devices so you will not get lost in your money management. See where your money goes and reduce small spendings that transform into a big-budget loss. With Money Lover, every student will see that forecast budget is easier than it seems.

  1. Mavio

Mavio is a great friend for those who like a structured and consistent approach. This application helps you in the money-saving process with various accounts. View statistics in an attractive and user-friendly design. Look at your spendings on the financial dashboard and get complete important information on a single screen. Plan your spending for the long term by tracking how well you’re going on notable graph statistics. You can record your daily payments and connect bank accounts to script them automatically.

  1. Goodbudget

With Goodbudget, you can say “goodbye” to exceeded payments. Create an envelope for each category that demands to spend and controlling the financial situation. Sync and share your information with the closest people so they can participate in family budget organizing. Over 1 000 000 installations speak for themselves! People trust this application, and this fact attracts more users. Just get the free financial manager to your phone and meet your real-life situation. See which economic area needs improvements and where you are already great.

  1. My Budget Organizer

Implement your financial analytical skills with a new trusted application. With My Budget Organizer, you will forget about unpaid bills thanks to the bill reminder function. More tools cover such money management needs as monthly entries, balance tracking, savings, and account transactions. Watching bills calendar, you can better understand how to stay in plus even when you’ve got unplanned expenses.

  1. Cash Organizer

A personal accountant in your pocket is something special today! Add bank account details, credit cards, cash, and another source to keep the money to see income and expenses. Plan your monthly budget and track how easily you can achieve the goal.


Successful student succeeds in every sphere and finances are not an exclusion! Choose one of these ten financial applications to make your relations with money more trustworthy. An easy life is when you can afford a little more than you want. So, expand your possibilities by organizing your budget with ease!

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