5 Must Have Firefox OS Apps for Phones & Tablets

Check out 5 must have Firefox OS apps for phones and tablets.

Applications have changed our lives in more ways than we can care to imagine. The tens of thousands of tech geeks, the more known among which carry the title ‘developers’, sweat away behind super-computers to create apps that convert what would have been tasks requiring great time and attention into regular nonchalant ‘flick of a button’ tasks.Firefox OS Apps

Must Have Firefox OS Apps

Here a brief description will give you information on the must have Firefox OS Apps. A major player in the app development industry, Firefox has been supplying the market with excellent apps year after year. Let us take a look at few of these beauties:

Twitter Firefox App

With the intuitive Firefox app, keep yourself up to date with each and every bit of activity through the convenience and mobility of your phone. With a clean interface and simple, yet sophisticated designs, accessing the micro-blogging world has never been as easy or fun!

Every function that you access through your computer is now available through your phone, through simpler and more fluidic motions. The app has received excellent reviews and continues to facilitate thousands of Twitter users on a regular basis.

Download Twitter on your phone or tablet.

AccuWeather Firefox App

The technology man builds and utilizes has evolved to a point where we are able to pinpoint exactly what the weather is and might be for the next few days in most regions of the world. You can now access this extremely beneficial information through your phone/tablet with the help of AccuWeather by Firefox.

The app is auto-updating, and displays only the most accurate reports supplied by some of the most leading weather research teams across the globe. The app exhibits real-time weather information for an awe-striking 2.7 million locations across the globe.

Download AccuWeather on your phone via Firefox marketplace.

HERE Maps Firefox App

By getting HERE Maps by Firefox, you will literally be carrying the world around in your pocket. This app supports 4 world renown languages and has different kind of views that can be used as per your convenience. It includes the uber-useful traffic feature that makes sure you do not lose valuable time.

The satellite view gives you timely updated information regarding the entire landscape. All in all the application allows you to gain access to the easiest route, best route, shortest route etc between two points be it vehicle, public transport or on foot. This is world navigation at its very best!

Download Here Maps on your phone or tablet via Firefox marketplace.

Facebook Firefox App

The leading social networking website across most countries in the world just became that much sweeter with the help of Firefox application for Facebook. Utilize the delightful features provided by the website through the comfort of your phone. There is nothing you can’t do with this application that is possible through your computer.

Post regular updates, photos and keep in touch with every one of your chat buddies. The app updates itself and provides you all your latest notifications in a simplified manner that is easy to view as well as attractive to look through.

Download Facebook via Firefox marketplace on your phone or tablet.

Jolidrive Firefox App

This application by Firefox is one that has the potential to make your life much much more easier and convenient, enabling you to glance through any particular section of your life in a span of minutes.

The application brings together all popular cloud storage’s into one simple interface and allows you to link your accounts as well as upload/pull down content from any one of the databases. With the help of Jolidrive, you can access all your photos/videos/files, and I mean each and every one of them, through one single application!

Download Jolidrive on your phone via Firefox marketplace.

And there, you now know some of the best applications out there by one of the top developers in the Industry. Keep looking and you will find many more applications by Firefox, each displaying massive potential to make things more convenient as well as fun for you. So what are you waiting for?

Download the applications on your phone/tablet and convert your handheld gadget into a medium of doing everything right from re-tweeting a tweet that makes you laugh all day to making sure that you are on the right way! And such is the power of the app world, especially the Firefox section of it!

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