Is Firefox for iPad or Firefox for iPhone Available?

Mozilla Firefox for iPad | Download Mozilla Firefox for iPhone

Mozilla Firefox has become a reputed browser among internet savvies nowadays. People who love this browser often ask whether it is available for iPad and iPhone. Safari and Chrome are easily available for these devices which can be downloaded from the internet. Here is more to know about Firefox whether it is available for iPad and iPhone or not.

Firefox for iPad

Firefox is not available for iPad because Mozilla did not consider developing Firefox for that. Firefox actually does not see it as a viable opportunity. As an alternate, many other browsers are available for iPad. Two of those browsers are safari and Google Chrome. Safari comes as standard for iPad devices while chrome helps users to sync with various Google accounts. Bearing exciting features, both of these browsers support good browsing.

Firefox for iPhone

Firefox is also not available for iPhone; this device also comes with Safari as an already installed browser. Users hope that they will be able to enjoy Firefox in both of these devices in the future so that they will enjoy good browsing with awesome features.

People love using Firefox as their leading browser as many wonderful deals are affiliated with this browser. Although the browser is good to work on computers still when it comes upon the Apple mobile devices, it is not to go with those devices.

It will be good for users to browse history on multiple devices and getting access to bookmarks with Firefox in Apple devices. Chrome is better to work in Apple devices for this purpose.

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In future, probably Firefox will be available to introduce good competition for safari and chrome for browsing in iPad and iPhones.

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