Best Firefox OS Phone Games

As we all know Firefox is one of the most enhanced and fastest web browsers that the modern day has seen and soon they will debut with Firefox mobile OS. Today many people like to have high-end games available on their mobile phone and listed here are the best games that you can have on your Firefox powered phone.Firefox OS Best Games

The Firefox Marketplace has a range of games categorized professionally. These games are accessible directly from your phone and are free to play for all. The Firefox Phone games are highly interesting and competitive games compared to other games featured over the internet. The games are different and have unique designs and visual effects too. The best part is that they are fast, free, and secure and totally hassle free to load.

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Biolab Disaster Firefox Phone Game

One of the highly rated Firefox phone games is the biolab disaster which is developed by Dominic Szablewski and has been added to the Firefox Marketplace. Today many people including children and the adults regularly enjoy playing this extra ordinary game. But make sure that the device which you use is compatible for the app to play.

The game will put you through a biolab infested with different kind of enemies. A plasma gun will help you fight your way and shoot through them. Biolab disaster features 3 tough levels and 6 interesting enemies to win over.

Download Biolab Disaster from the Firefox marketplace.

AirCombat Firefox Phone Game

The next game is named AirCombat which deals with aerial action. It is pretty interesting and the missions will keep you glued till you complete it fully. A fuel deposit is what you need to crack in the game. The fuel deposit is built by the enemy and you need to destroy the main fuel tank using your AirCombat plane and your pilot skills will also come in handy at some situations.

It is officially developed by tween soft but is added to the Firefox phone games list in order to make it much more popular among the masses. Test your pilot skills and break all the enemy lines in the game.

Download AirCombat via Firefox marketplace.

FFDoku for Firefox OS

FFdoku is another excellent game that is available online at the Firefox market place. It has been created by Taratatach and has already received highly convincing reviews. It is widely known as a Sudoku game which will develop your mind skills. It does not have many variations but can be difficult to solve at times.

It is a 3 level game which has three options: easy, medium and hard. People claim the game to be very nice and it also works perfectly on phones. So go ahead and improve you Sudoku skills with this game.

Download FFDoku via Firefox Marketplace.

Browser Pairs game Firefox App

Firefox even features a card game called Browser Pairs game which need cards to be paired to play it. You need to turn over the card and pair the browser cards in order to proceed ahead in the game. Basically the game deals with pairing unseen cards.

It is a beautiful game which has some cute aspects which impress people a lot. The concept of the game is highly appreciated by people. This game is also expected to boost your memory power and involves an intense mental activity.

Download Browser Pairs game via Firefox Marketplace.

Pasjans/Solitaire Firefox App

Pasjans popularly known as Solitaire is another addictive card game which is still being played from its time of creation. The concept and the game have been brought up by Budnix. Solitaire is completely free and convenient to play. The best thing is it does not have any distractions and navigation buttons.

You can even play the game offline and change the game features, backgrounds or themes according to your preferences. It also shows your rankings and supports multiple languages. The game also has unlimited undo options and less graphics which makes it easier for everyone to play.

Download Pasjans via Firefox Marketplace on your device.

Chess Firefox Phones

Chess is among the most widely played games among the Firefox games and is world famous. Chess developed by Jocly is an official game in the Firefox market place. It is the most prestigious game and requires a lot of strategy and planning to win. There are 2 versions of the game, one with the library and without library.

It is highly rated and played by people across the world. Chess is a game which can highly improve your concentration skills. Hence students mostly love to play chess on Firefox. All in all it is a good application and will help you play well even if you are a beginner.

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Download Chess via Firefox Marketplace on your device.

These are some of the best Firefox phone games which can be used for fun as well as for some mental benefits. One advice would be to play in a limit and not to get addicted to them. These Firefox games have set a new level of gaming for the mobile gamers. All of you can just go online and visit the official market place on your phone which provides these games to play for free. Select from a wide range, download it and start playing the game instantly.

Compatible with: LG Fireweb, ZTE Open, GeeksPhone Keon, GeeksPhone Peak, GeeksPhone Peak+, Alcatel One Touch Fire.

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