Fix Apple Watch Native Apps Strucked on HomePage

Apple’s enhanced version of Watch OS, The Watch OS 2 is facing certain problem during update. Though the update worked very well with some of the devices, a big number of Apple Watches are facing down by update not screening, Native Apps strucked on Home page and installation verification.

Fix Apple Watch Strucked on HomePage

Users are continually running towards the Reddit and Mac Rumours complaining on how to Fix Apple Watch Native Apps Struck on Home Page while loading. Where few apps like City Mapper, E-trade, Dark sky and more are also not responding properly.

Users of Apple Watch OS 2 should understand that, the names of native apps can be visible on initial loading spinner wherein the names of non-native apps can be visible on the screen’s top left, whenever the same apps will start running in the memory.

The support engineers of Apple have already discussed these problems and acknowledged the same. According to them they have started working on the fix of this issue. On the other hand, the impatient users of Watch OS can follow these informal steps to affix the concern.

Steps to fix Apple Watch Native Apps Strucked on Home Page –

Step 1: Take an encrypted backup by iTunes using paired iPhone. From the iTunes app, allow the Encryption option. Now right click on iPhone in iTunes and select Back Up option from the context menu. This will allow all the encrypted data to be saved in iPhone and can be recalled later when needed.

Step 2: Now start the setting preference on the iPhone. Go to General followed by Reset and finally select Erase All Content and Settings. After 15 minutes the phone will be on factory settings.

Step 3: On the Watch OS go to Setting preference followed by Erase All Content and Settings.

Step 4: Now at this instance restore your stock default iPhone by using iTunes Backup.

Step 5: Once done with the Restore Pair your iPhone with Apple Watch OS.

This post was last modified on February 2, 2020 2:13 PM