Congratulations on purchasing Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge but sadly we are dissapointed that you are unable to complete the activation of the handset. Here is how to fix How to Fix Galaxy S7 Activation Problem & Issues. The problem is found on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and other carrier which sales this phone. The issue might happen on unlocked Galaxy S7 as well. On Android phone it's recommended to contact your carrier and issue will be resolved by them but if you have Galaxy S7 then it can be solved with instructions mentioned below.Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Fix Galaxy S7 Activation Problem

If there is an error on Galaxy S7 it simply means that it cannot be activated. It clearly implies that there is something wrong with the server of your smartphone or there is some technical issue on your device itself.

#1 Simple Reboot on your Device

Most of the bugs on Android smartphone a fixed with a quick restart on your device. So for Galaxy S7 to fix or troubleshoot this error you need to restart it once and then try to activate your device. This might not fix issue on your device but this is a great troubleshooting step to start with.

#2 Wi-Fi or Network Issues

Sometimes it might happen that your WiFi or the network connection is blocking the activation a connection to the server. In such cases try to connect your device through a different WiFi connection and see if Galaxy S7 activation error has been resolved or not. On iPhone Resetting the Network Settings will do it but there are no such option on Android phone.

#3 Reset Galaxy S7

Third option is to restore your Galaxy S7 to factory reset or factory default. Now there are many advantages to factory reset a smartphone one of them your smartphone becomes fresh handset just like the out of box (at the time you have purchased) and and I am sure these three troubleshooting steps might help you to fix this issue on your device.

#4 Contact Customer Care

Last but not the least if you can't hold/resist on with your latest smartphone until the issue gets resolved we recommend to visit the nearest carrier store that you have purchased the phone. In case you have purchase it online, then contact the toll free number of your career and they will help you to fix the problem.

Many times on the phone you might not be able to convey what actually is the problem to the support staff or you might not understand his technical words, in such cases, the first method is recommended because a technician is directly getting hands-on on the device and you should expect a solution very soon.

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What If the Problem Isn't Solved

In worst cases, the problem might not be solved even though you are couple of days away from your new handset. In such cases, your provider or seller will replace the device with a brand new one.