Fix iPhone 5C & 5S WiFi Connection Issues – How to Guide

iPhone 5C WiFi Problems

Most people using devices running on iOS7, like the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C may have experienced a quick battery drain-up and connection hitches with Wi-fi connection.

While there could be a number of reasons and so solutions for the former you may be finding it an uphill task to fix the Wi-fi connection problem.

Basically when you connect the device to Wi-Fi it does show a connected status but after few minutes the data reception on the device comes to a halt. You will still see a message that the device is connected to Wi-Fi but there’s no actual data traffic underway.

Different possible solutions have been tried out by users. There is an excellent method that is being circulated with the Apple official community. Given here is the systematic line-up of steps you must take to fix the issue. 

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Steps to Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue on iPhone 5S/ 5C

  • On iOS7 open Settings app and enable Airplane mode by clicking on the switch next to this option. On this the Airplane icon starts displaying on top-left of status bar.
  • Use path Settings > General> Reset > Restore Network-settings for resetting the network.
  • Reboot the wireless router and re-enable Airplane mode. Wait for device to connect to network again.

This method is quite useful, albeit temporary and doesn’t work for everybody. Since many iPhone 5S and 5C users have complained of the problem Apple has looked into the issue and brought out an update-now replacement for the iOS7.

So if you find that WiFi issue hasn’t been sorted out you can try the new official update on iOS that seems to address the problem. With its updated version 7.0.2 iOS7 offers a smoother Wi-fi connectivity experience. The upgrade is applicable and useful also for those iPhone 5 users who have upgraded their device OS to iOS7.

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