How to Fix iPhone VoIP Calls Failing Issue or VOIP Call Doesn’t Work Problem

How to fix iPhone VoIP calls failing issue or VOIP Call Doesn’t Work Problem.

The pomp and show that is seen whenever there is a release of Apple’s phone model are quite high. However, when one learns that the new model of Apple, which is iPhone X has some issues relating to it, especially the procedural effect, that’s when the users have to resort to some useful techniques in order to re-implement the features.

Fix iPhone VoIP Calls Failing Issue

When one confronts the issues regarding the working of VoIP calls one can look further to resolve the same. Some of the tips are given below.

iPhone VOIP call drop

There are ways to get back the feature of VoIP calls on the iPhone X or iPhone 8 or any iPhone model.

The ways to revive the feature may be some the below:

One could press the ‘volume up’ key and release. The other way would be to press the ‘volume down’ key and release. After these steps are done, one can do a long press the Power button till the time the Apple logo is seen on the screen.

It is also possible that the VoIP app could be restarted by deleting the VoIP app and re-installing the same. Once the user selects the app for deleting by clicking on the option provided on the screen, where one has to tap on the ‘cross’ appearing on the screen. This will lead to uninstalling of the VoIP app and then the same app can be installed from the Apple Store.

Also resetting the settings would help to reset the device and get accustomed to the new settings if at all, the old settings are found on the device. It can be done by following steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings‘ App on your iPhone.
  • Now tap on the General.
  • Click on the ‘Reset‘ button.
  • After all, this one just needs to tap on the button ‘Reset All Settings‘.

In order to complete the process, the user has to tap on the confirmation.

Most of the above-mentioned techniques can be used by the users during the non-working of the VoIP call on the model iPhone X. This would be a relief for the group which is very fond of Apple’s phone models and does not want to exchange or let go of it even after such issues.

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I hope your issue of VOIP call not working on iPhone is now fixed.

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