In this guide checkout how to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Flash Always On Issue and other common Galaxy S6 issues.

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is just arrived in stores and in the hands of people. Here in this guide checkout how to fix Galaxy S6 Flash always ON issue. This is not one defect found on it but there is lot many that the latest Galaxy flagship phone suffers. First was minute pre-scratched on the display issue, now there is the Flash Always ON problem persisting.Samsung Galaxy S6 LED Flash

Galaxy S6 Problem

Many users are reporting that their Galaxy S6 LED flash is constantly ON even though the device is turned off completely. Furthermore, the LED lit not that brightly.

XDA reports that this issue has nothing to do with heart rate monitor or Google Fit app and uninstalling those two apps might not impact working of flash light on your device. The biggest problem is that LED light remains turned ON even when the device is turned OFF and does on when the battery is charging.

This bug has been reported by T-Mobile USA users however there are report from other carrier too. The problem is also found on unlocked device in Saudi Arabia as reported. The problem has been reported on 32 GB and 64 GB models.

What Should You Do? Fix?

If you are facing any problem with Galaxy S6, you should report it to Samsung. The Korean giant has even said that they are aware of this issue affecting many users and there will be firmware fix available in coming days. Do let us know if you are facing any issues with the latest phone that you have purchased.