How to Fix ‘Shared Only with You’ on Google+ Page

In this guide checkout how to fix ‘Shared Only with You’ on Google+ Page which makes your post only visible to you.

If you are a Blogger then you should be very much concerned of your social media strategy. While things are quite easy and simple on Facebook Fan Page, on Google+ page certain things needs to ensured. For me traffic from Google+ is very decent enough and best among all the social media sites[referrals]. In the following post we will be discussing particular on your Google+ page where in I show you how to make post visible to public from only available to your or your friends.Fix Google+ Page Settings

Follow the guide mentioned below in order to show your post on Google+ page as public –

  • Open
  • From the top, click on your Photo and you will get drop down menu, click on the respective page for which you end to do this settings.
  • You will directly land on that particular Page Settings.
  • Click on Manage apps & +1 on posts.
  • Now you will be under Apps and Google Settings.
  • Click on Edit and see settings as per your requirements. In most cases you will be required to set it as Public.
  • If you want to show auto shared post to Public, then open Apps and Under Your Apps, make it Public. For example, I have auto publish enabled under JetPack Plugin which auto share posts on my Google+ Page.

So that’s how you can make post Public on your Google+ Page.

UPDATE: Google has shut down Google+.

This post was last modified on April 15, 2021 7:06 AM

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