Are you frequently getting this error message on your Sprint Android phone?

Data call failure:
Error Code 67: registration failure. Press OK for options. Your PCS vision username and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again.

And the trickiest part is that there is no option to press “OK” because the only option you are given is to “dismiss” the message. I am sure you are unable to understand why you get this message when you turn the hotspot on or while network sharing even when you can access all the data functions on your phone just fine.Sprint Error Code 67

Well your worry will come to an end soon after reading this article. We have got a working solution for you. This error means that either there is an incorrect username or password on your phone or there is a provisioning error on sprint’s side.

Some people say that while they are “roaming” i.e. they are out of their home network, the phone tries to log in to the opposite carriers service for data. In this situation too, they get the same error code.

Fixing the Sprint Error Code 67

Some of the fixes are –

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > About Phone >  System Updates > Update Profile and perform a Reset on your device.
  2. Although in most of the cases, the first one i.e. the reset fixes the issue. But still the above solution may not work for everybody. If that doesn’t work for you, there is another one. Call sprint *2 from another sprint phone or call on 888-211-4727 and ask them to provide you advanced technical support. Once you get to speak with ATS, tell him or her about the error code and they will change some network elements and then help you reset your device again.

It takes around an hour or so. Some people say that things didn’t work for them even after this. The representative tells them to do everything from removing battery to updating profile and reset.

There is one another solution if even the Sprint representative is not able to help you.

  1. Download Pdanet on your cell phone.
  2. Download the desktop version of Pdanet software on your computer.
  3. Follow the step by step instructions on both and it works great.

But remember, PDAnet is best to use when 3G/4G is your only network.

You can also use EasyTether Lite. It is easy and most importantly, free of cost. Although it says that the free (or “Lite”) version does not support https, but let me tell you, it does. Rather it works superbly. You can easily get it from the play store. Just download and install it. And here you go.

For some people, just rebooting their phones after getting this error message worked wonderfully. They never got this error message again, as they say, on their devices. They never rooted or tethered their phone. But again, for some, even this doesn’t work. They get the same message after restarting their phones.

You have plenty of them now. Good luck!