Feedburner is widely used email subscription still holds value as the free web feed management provider. Although there are paid services available like MailChimp, we are still using FeedBurner because of its easy to use and handy features. Even though this is a Google service, you might get common Feedburner error.Feedburner Error Fix

Fix Feedburner Error

In this guide we would be dealing with a particular Feedburner error called a feed doesn’t have a subscription by email enabled error found when someone click on subscribe form on your site.Feedburner Error

The Feedburner error reads as –

The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled

Why This Happens

This is not a rocket science as error happens only when you don’t have subscription by email enabled under your Feedburner account.

How to Fix

To solve this problem, you should follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Open Feedburner and login to your account with Google Credentials.
  • Navigate to the site which has that problem.Feedburner blog list
  • Now click on Publicize tab.Email Subscription
  • Under that click on Email Subscription and enable it.

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