Fix Windows Display Flipped Horizontally or Up Side Down

Windows Screen Flipped

Working method to fix Windows Display Flipped Horizontally or Up Side Down on Windows 7, 8 and XP computers.

The Windows operating system comes with many existing features and some of them are unknown to many. One of those pleasing treasures you can find on Windows is the display screen rotation. Have you ever accidentally flipped your Windows display horizontally or upside down? If yes, and wanted to get back things to normal, then follow the guide mentioned below and in the video to fix Windows Display flipped upside down the error.

The following are the Windows Shortcut keys for screen rotation –

To Flip upside down – CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow
To Rotate 90 degrees to right- CTRL + ALT + Right Side Arrow

To Rotate 90 degrees to left – CTRL + ALT + Left Side Arrow

To get back to standard orientation – CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow

The above shortcut keys are known to work perfectly on Windows PC which is running Intel graphical adapter.
Here is the video showing you how to fix this error easily –

Note: If those shortcuts don’t work on your computer then first determine the graphical card manufacturer. Still doesn’t work then its due to bad or outdated drivers. Installing the latest ones will fix the issue.

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