This Mobile World Congress was all about new operating system because of the quick success of Android mobile platform. The world at MWC 2013 Barcelona witnessed Firefox OS, Ubuntu OS as the upcoming operating systems for mobile platforms. We just knew that Firefox is just a web browser but they are now ready to try a hand on mobile platform altogether with open source operating system. Just like Ubuntu Developer Preview is available for Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S phone can and for Firefox OS, Sony Mobiles was quick to announce the support for another open source project by Firefox. Yeah, that’s right! Sony Mobiles choose XPeria E to get the preview of Firefox OS for mobiles as of now and the same OS for tablet would be available pretty soon.Sony Xperia E Firefox OS

On your Sony XPeria E you can flash with Firefox OS and get preview on how does it looks alike. Here in this guide we present you step by step tutorial on how you can update your Sony XPeria E phone with Firefox OS.

Mandatory Pre Upgrade Instructions

Ready for updating your Xperia E phone, wait you should follow these instructions before updating –

  • For Sony phones updating with any custom firmware, they require to unlock bootloaders. Unlocking bootloaders may void warranty on your device and follow any procedure to unlock bootloaders on Xperia E phone.
  • This instruction is for those Xperia E phones which should be unlocked, not the carrier locked version.
  • You should have charged your phone to atleast 50 % of your battery life.
  • It advised to take complete backup of your current firmware. So with that you can reflash your phone to store the previous best firmware available on your device.

What Not Works

The following thing will not work on your phone if you flash with Firefox OS –

  • No radio connectivity is available, which means that you wouldn’t be able to make calls or use Wi Fi or Bluetooth.
  • SD card might not be supported
  • Touch sensitivity may not be that perfect as it’s not perfectly calibrated.
  • You will not get any official firmware update on your device.
  • Some other features might not work as well.
  • You should unlock bootloaders on your phone.

Precautions: Since Firefox is early into development launch, this is just all about how the Firefox OS look like on your device. Many of the functions might not work now, but soon it will be fixed with updates in coming days. We have no rights to guarantee for anything relating to your mobile while proceeding with this update. Make sure that it’s the user’s responsibility and they should proceed keeping that in mindset. However, if you follow the procedure mentioned here correctly, then nothing would happen to your device.

Guide to Flash XPeria E with Firefox OS

Now that you have official news about the Firefox OS, here is the guide on how you can upgrade your XPeria E smartphone –

  • First download the flash tool for XPeria phone and install it on your PC.
  • Once the flashing on your phone is done, your phone would be automatically restarted.
  • So with procedure mentioned above you have flashed your phone with latest Firefox OS version of your Android powered XPeria E phone.