Instead of making things very clear from affiliates perceptive, Flipkart, the #1 eCommerce sites (shopping site) in India has come up with confusing commission rates for January 2015 and thereon.Flipkart Affiliate

A year back Flipkart commission was purely based on product category but over span of last six months Flipkart has made several changes with origin of buyer been taken into measure. More to make it a cocktail, existing/new customers comes in picture.

Here is the updated January 2015 Flipkart affiliate commission rates -

Flipkart Commission Rates

The highest commission paying categories are -

  • Fashion and Lifestyle with 14(New) or 8(Old) % commissions
  • Sports & Action Cameras with 20 % commissions
  • Books with 14(New) or 10(Old) % commissions
  • eBooks and eLearning with 14(New) or 8(Old) % commissions
  • Home and Kitchen Needs with 14(New) or 10(Old) % commissions
  • Home Decor & Festive Needs with 14(New) or 10(Old) % commissions
  • Stationary & Office Supplies with 12(New) or 8(Old) % commissions
  • Sports and Fitness with 12(New) or 8(Old) % commissions

Flipkart Mobile Commission

Over the years affiliate commission on mobiles has been reduced largely. Some of the Flipkart exclusive products (Moto E, Asus Zenfone, Alcatel, Samsung S5 Mini, Lava Iris Win, Spice Android One phones) have 1% commission on all platforms and these phones are available nowhere except Flipkart. For Xiaomi phones affiliates will only get 0.1% commission.


Definitely it's not the Flipkart whom I am blaming here. The competition is so stiff and rough. I can understand why Xiaomi phones are placed at 0.1% of its price but don't know why commission on Flipkart exclusive phones is too low. I mean, when Flipkart is only selling those phone, why not encourage affiliates to bring in more sales. Still I say confusing because why to have different sets of commission on individual products and why new or old user in frame.

On the other sides Snapdeal has turned things around. They have slashed affiliates commission largely.