Flipkart cares about it’s affiliate partners as competition in the world of eCommerce site is on high. It’s like now or never for Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart.

After slashing the affiliate commissions on Electronics, Computer & Accessories has come up with new changes. Along with new user interface for the Affiliate panel and reporting, Flipkart is trying out Live Price Widget which will be available shortly.Flipkart Live Price Widget

Flipkart Live Price Widget

Today a new email arrived in my Inbox from Flipkart Affiliate team stating that they will come up with Live Price Widget. Many content based affiliates mentions price on their blog. As the price is manually written and as every product sees price decline one or the other day, it’s maybe possible that the price displayed might be outdated.

As a solution to fix misleading pricing information, Flipkart affiliate team introduces Live Price Widget, which once integrated on a blog you will see the exact price of the device as available on Flipkart.com.

To do this, you should integrate widget code on your blog. Once someone hovers over the product pricing, the image of product and exact pricing will be shown along with “Buy Now” button.

I think that’s a good move as it will definitely bring more trust/accuracy on information about the product listed in Flipkart. Moreover this looks to be intuitive to me.