Flipkart Slashes Affiliates Commission Rates

Flipkart once happened to be the best affiliate program for Indian bloggers and webmaster has turned into not so friendly with bloggers. Several technology based websites enjoyed a good commission’s rate until now but it will not be happy going from now. The affiliate commissions is slashed only for various digital products like cell phones, camera, mobile accessories, laptops and computers, computer accessories, tablet PCs, Audio, Video and gaming consoles. As of now Flipkart display’s this commission rates effective for the month of June 2014 but we don’t see Flipkart altering it next month.FLipkart Signup

The new slashed affiliate commission rates are as follows –

Large Appliances (TVs, Air Conditioners, Air Coolers) 4%
Cameras & Accessories 3%
Laptops & Computer Accessories (except Storage) 3%
Computer Storage (Hard Disks & Pen Drives) 0.5%
Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories (except Moto E) 2.5%
Moto E Phone 1%
Audio & Video 3%
Gaming Consoles 3%

Full Flipkart Commission Rates

Flipkart Commission RatesSo What it Means?

Definitely a sad news for tech bloggers as the commission is decreased to 1.5% overall which means you will earn 37.5% than what you have earned as 100% until now when it was 4%.