Galaxy S4 Alike Dual Shot Camera On Windows Phone – Amicus Dual Shot App

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot Camera

Guide on how you can get Samsung Galaxy S4 alike Dual Shot Camera feature on your Windows phone easily.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an amazing dual-shot camera mode where you can take two photos from same phone – one each from the front and rear cameras and make one photo out of it. Dual Shot Camera is one of our listed 17 reasons why you should still buy Samsung Galaxy S4 leaving behind other phones in the market. If you own a Windows phone and want to get the same feature on your device check out the Amicus dual-shot app available on Windows Store.

Galaxy S4 Dual Shot Camera
Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot Camera

Though there’s no dearth of camera or photo apps on smartphone OS platforms like Windows OS and Android the Amicus Dual Shot app is designed to work in perfect symphony with any Windows phone while letting you taste the Galaxy S4 dual-shot photo clicking experience.
The app supports not just the front-facing but also the rear camera so it’s really a cool way to do camera-related activities like video or still capture.

But as the name suggests the real role played by the app lies in letting you take two photos and merge them into a single one. Both photos can be taken from different cameras and superimposed as you wish. Not just this you also get to put in any additional effects you like.

There’s a sequence of clicking photos to use the dual shot function. Open and enter the app and then take photo first from rear camera. As soon as the photo is clicked the app navigates the device display to front camera and lets you take the second shot using this one. Now with both photos clicked the app automatically provides options so you can merge the photos and use additional features.

Like the Dual Cam-Photo app that performs pretty much the same functions Amicus dual-shot is currently optimized for the Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5. It’s free of cost and can be downloaded from Windows Store

Download Amicus Dual Shot Windows Store LINK

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