Get Android Phone System Dump by Extracting system.img

Android Phone System Dump

There are a number of ways to get anything that you want or desire. Whether it is anything materialistic or any system or application on your phone or on any device. Here the thing that we need to find out about is the Android Phone System Dump and how we can get it via an extracting system or method. Not all the articles provided can help you get this unless and until you come across something that will give you a step by step instruction so that it can help you to get the right thing without wasting much of your time.

These steps, the steps mentioned below are basically a step by step instruction as to how you can extract the above mentioned system on Windows. Before you start the procedure the requirements are-

Extracing System.img

Follow the process mentioned below –

  1. The software called Ext4 Unpacker has to be launched as the first step and then we have to select the ‘Open’ button.
  2. The next step would be that, that the system.img that needs to be extracted is selected.
  3. Save EXT4 button’ are the next and an important step.
  4. Now one thing that is in our hands is the location of the file, which means that we can select the place where we want to store the file and the name under which we would want to store it. So in this case, after the selecting the place where we want to store the.ext4 file, we can enter a name that we want to give followed by the extension of ‘.ext4’ and the ‘save’.
  5. Since the ext4 image would get unpacked, we have to wait till it happens.
  6. Ext2Explorer is the software that has to be launched as the Administrator. Followed by selecting the File and the ‘Open Image’.
  7. The file that you saved earlier has to be selected with Ext4 Unpacker software followed by ‘Open’.
  8. Highlight the newly imported file followed by ‘save’.
  9. Select the place where the system which has been unpacked would be placed.

Hola!! It’s done! That’s how you get Android SmartPhone System Dump.

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