Aah! It can’t get easier than this! You can now bring on all the important features like dedicated wallpapers, alarm, ringtones, notifications, user interface and apps exclusive for Galaxy S4 on your Android phone. This piece of writing explains you how to get them all in one single step.

Galaxy S4  UI Galaxy S4  Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S4 is certainly heading to be the gadget of the year and the Life Companion is loaded with tons of features. This is why we see more than 20 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S4. We have gone through guide on how to bring Galaxy S4 wallpaper on your phone but what about other features that are found on Samsung’s latest flagship phone? Can be they be imported on any Android phone?

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Official application named as “Galaxy S4 For All” app is accessible by all and it can be downloaded on your phone or tablet to bring the Galaxy S4 exclusive functions on your phone. Once this 24 MB app is installed on your phone, you get Galaxy S4 HQ wallpapers, dedicated ringtones, alarm tones and dedicated apk apps like S Voice, Group Play, Samsung WatchOn, Adapt Sound, Samsung Link and Samsung Hub. However some apk might not work on your Android phone and some might work. When I tried those apk, it leads me to download particular apk files separately. Given that you have not to look for apk at other places this is a good app.

Galaxy S4 AlarmGalaxy S4 Notifications

So if you have Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S2 or any other Android powered phone, you can bring the Galaxy S4 experience on your device.

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Official Android App Rating – 4.5 / 5