Here comes Google Adsense v2.0 with detailed statistics of metrics. Download Google Adsense APK latest version for Android, iPA file for iOS devices.

Not too long ago Google has launched Adsense App for Android and iOS device which provides direct access to publishers stats through a simple app. During the Adsense v1.0 release for both iOS and Android, the Dashboard only showed few stats like Total Days Earning, Yesterday's earning, Month Earning and it was missing out important detailed stats.Google Adsense apk

With the Adsense v2.0, it provides more metrics like Page Views (Per Day, Per Week, Yesterday, Month and Lifetime), Clicks, CPC, CTR, RPM in detailed with graphs as well. What more users can check their earning based on countries, Sites, track down URL Channels, Custom Channels, Products and lot more.Google Adsense apk

Google Adsense v2.0 Features

  • More metrics: page views, clicks, CPC, CTR, RPM
  • Detailed charts for different metrics, dimensions and time periods
  • Additional reports: countries, products and platforms
  • Improved user interface and layouts

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How to Update to Adsense v2.0

If you have already installed the earlier version of Android, just connect your device to WiFi or Data Plans and app will be updated automatically. If it doesn't go to Play Store, search for AdSense and then tap on Update.

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