Checkout common Android 5.1 Problems, Errors and bugs as found on Nexus devices, Android One phones and other OEM Devices.

Although Google’s latest version Android 5.1 Lollipop fixes many bugs found on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and earlier version but it itself comes with few bugs and errors. In this article we would be highlighting some of the Android 5.1 problems, errors and bugs.Android 5.1 Problems

Android 5.1 Problems

These bugs were either found by us or were reported by people. We have taken those inputs and come up with this article to let you what can cause these problems.

  • Many users jumped in joy to get this latest version but few noticed some issues.
  • People have reported memory leak in the background. There is report which says that Google has fixed this error internally but Google did say anything about time when patch of this error will be released.
  • Battery performance issues
  • Several people have complained of phone lags after updating

We will update this article with more errors, if found. Until then checkout if your phone is eligible for Android 5.1 update or not.