Comparing Smart Assistants: Google Assistant vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

Here we have compared Smart Assistants i.e., Google Assistant vs Alexa vs Siri through an Infographics.

The usage of the smart assistant is on the rise. More and more people are getting introduced to smart assistants every day. The best part about them is the way these things work when you interact with them. A smart assistant is pretty similar to a virtual robot that does a lot of things for you. You can ask it to set an alarm and it will do it for you, similarly, if you ask it to play a song, it can do that for you as well.

Google vs Alexa vs Siri Comparison

Since a smart assistant works on the base of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It actually learns with time. It learns along with you. Though almost all of them work on the same logic and pattern, they just differ when it comes to protocols. At present, there are a total of 3 major giants who are working to make their products the best. Amazon’s Alexa, Google assistant, and Apple’s Siri. The below infographic is an excellent example of how all these assistant stand side by side with each other.

Comparing Smart Assistants

All these assistant work very fast, users may notice lag only when the internet connection is slow. On all other occasions, then assistant works very smoothly despite a complex process happening in the background.

Now talking about the working, the working for almost all the 3 assistants is similar. The very first thing to understand is that they get alert only when a certain word is uttered like you need to say “Hey Alexa, ‘Ok Google’ or Hey Siri” to alert their respective assistants.

Once you ask the assistant something, they quickly dissect the whole statement into small pieces and send it to the server.

There is an algorithm which then analyzes the whole statement to understand if the statement is an assertive statement or a query.

Once the query is analyzed, the response is framed and sent back to the assistant. Interestingly what remains to be seen is how do they grow up to be more helpful for all of us.

So, which of these smartphone assistants did you find helpful? Is it Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa? Do let us know!

Image Source: Techiespad

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