Google Buys Odysee For Better Google+ Photos Backup in order to provide better Google+ Photos and videos backup.

Odysee is an Android IOS/Android Apps, opps!!! my mistake, now teamed up with Google+. Google acquired Odysee and this news comes via a note on Odysee site homepage and also a notification sent to all the app users.

Since Odysee is now a property of Google, services will continue till February 23 and soon after all users photos and videos will be available for download. New signup has also been terminated.Odysee

Just like Dropbox, Odysee automatically backed up photos and videos taken from phone or computer to their home PCs and provided with the option to make it private, automatic sharing with other peoples. Odysee an Android and iOS app provided free photo backup and availability everywhere free for first year and then $5 per year.

The acquisition was indeed confirmed by Google at undisclosed amount and even Odysee didn’t say anything except the update on homepage. Odysee app is no longer available from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This definitely means that Google hasn’t given up Google+. Will this acquisition improves Google+ as a better place for Photos and videos?