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Google unveils a new app named as Google Duo and through this you can do person to person video calling. While everyone ensure app availability on popular platforms, Google has ensured that iOS users does get it by making it’s availability on App Store. Doesn’t matter whether you have a slow 2G or 3G or fast connection via Wi-Fi or whether you live in Hyderabad or Kutch, you can easily do a video call to your friend seemingly. Wow! That’s wonderful.

Google Duo

That app actually doesn’t have many features. Google actually wants your video calling app to do just video calls and actually I do love that because offering number of functions in one app isn’t the thing I like. Simplicity rules at the same time you keep your privacy with you because calls are end to end encrypted just like WhatsApp recent addition.

I am sure you will be also liking it once you have used the app for few days. And hope Google for this time make it successful because some of the Google projects ends up going now where.


  • Fast on Slow Networks : Which I tried on my phone working fast even on slow network.
  • Based on your Numbers : Will work on multi platform like Android & iOS both with your phone number and Google ID.
  • End to End Encrypted Calls : For privacy, they have added feature to make all end to end calls encrypted. And it’s important.

Google Duo APK

Google Duo APK is the alternative installer for Android phones. If the app installation from Play Store is not working for you, then you can try install it via APK.

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Download Google Duos for iPhone

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