Download the Google Pixel Stock Apps APK to port on your existing Android phone.

Google Pixel smartphone is an ultimate revolution which takes on Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Google says it’s the best camera smartphone and so does the Apple with iPhone 7. Samsung Galaxy S7 has a good camera as well. Apart from Google Pixel camera, there are many other features which makes Google Pixel a true flagship phone. A good thing is you can give a try to those Google Pixel features like Launcher, Gallery App, camera app, Keyboard, and others.

Google Pixel Stock Apps APK

Download Google Pixel Stock Apps APK

The following are the Google Pixel apps available for download –

No.AppsDownload Links
1Google Pixel CalendarDownload
2Google Pixel ClockDownload
3Google Pixel ContactsDownload
4Google Pixel ChromeDownload
5Google Pixel Cloud PrintDownload
6Google Pixel DriveDownload
7Google Pixel Camera APKDownload
8Google Pixel GmailDownload
9Google Pixel HangoutsDownload
10Google Pixel PhoneDownload
11Google Pixel KeyboardDownload
12Google Pixel Services FrameworkDownload
13Google Pixel Live Wallpapers PickerDownload
14Google Pixel MapsDownload
15Google Pixel Play MusicDownload
16Google Pixel Play Movies and TVDownload
17Google Pixel LauncherDownload
18Google Pixel Launcher IconsDownload
19Google Pixel Launcher Wallpaper PickerDownload
20Google Pixel PhotosDownload
21Google Pixel YouTubeDownload
22Google Pixel SettingsDownload