After tablet PC evolution, it could be smartphone as the next big thing in technology. Analysts say that more than 1.2 million smart watches will be sold in 2013 and everyone is back of coming out with their own version of wearable tech fashion device of late. The following is the patent filing image of Google smartwatch.Google Smartwatch

Google Glass is an innovative device and as the project continues for most from it, Google is reportedly working on smartwatch. Until now whoever said about Google smartwatch, it was just the imagination of fan-sources but recent US patent filing reveals that Google wearable watch could be next in.

According to abstract of US Patent & Trademark office, Google smart-watch includes wristband, auxiliary components, battery and a base with voltage lines. As with every smart watch, processor, wireless transceiver will be rested in the base. With wireless transceiver, smartwatch can communicate with interface of smartphone or wireless access point. Google is still not definite whether this smartwatch will include Android OS or some other.

While we don't exactly have the name of it, maybe it should be known as Google watch or simply Google smartwatch. We guess it should be named as Nexus watch. Anyways more details of it will be out in coming days.


Image credit: Wristwatch / Shutterstock