Formerly known as the “The Land of Gods” has been hit by one of the biggest floods in this century. Thousands are missing, some of them are died and many are homeless. Google Person Finder is a web based project by Google, the Big G, to help people reconnect with known ones during the times of natural disasters, crisis strikes.Google Person Finder

The Google Person Finder allows individuals to search and post information about someone that you know. Google Person Finder Uttrakhand Floods 2013 is the page where you get all the information. This might not be 100% accurate but its slowly building up the database of people found missing during the floods.

  • If you are a tech person living in any part of Uttrakhand, and got update about any person, come here and post the detail by hitting I have information about someone.
  • But if you are looking for a someone else in your close circle, hit “I’m looking for someone”, Enter the name of the person or part of his/her name and hit Search for this person.

As of now Google People Finder is tracking information about 2200 missing. Since these data isn’t easily verifiable, Google leave it open to public and it can be used by anyone.

With this its clear that Google is making things to go in real time. The Google Glass is marvelous and everyone believes that the best place to work is in Google Campus. I too believe that. Every now or then Google is updating its products, services for good of people and internet and this is why they are popular.