Download Hike Messenger for Java Phones – Hike JAR, JAD Files

With rising needs of instant messaging apps on mobile platforms like Java, WhatsApp and Hike Messenger is really a popular app which has carved out a different niche in the field of messaging from mobile phones. Of course, you might have seen the splendor and popularity of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp but Hike is really an amazing app with millions of registered users all over the world. The following article provides information on how to get Hike Messenger for Java phones.Hike Messenger for Java Phones

Hike Messenger for Java

Social networking has seen a lot of improvements and bundles of new features through Hike Messenger which offers rewards for referrals and new sign-ups along with free talk time offers for the potential consumers.

In the present age where competition is high in the instant messaging section, Hike Developers have really rolled out fascinating and friendly app. With Hike Messenger, you are free to send messages to contacts that are using this messenger and even to those contacts that are not on Hike. One of the greatest benefits of using this messaging app is that it is completely free of cost and supports a number of varied devices.

Hike Messenger Features

  • Hidden mode to hide chats
  • Recently introduced free calling
  • Message to friends using Hike or anyone who doesn’t use this messenger
  • Sharing and sending videos and photos with your friends
  • Engage yourself in group chat with family members and friends
  • New referrals and signup will provide you with rewards, easy charges and free talktime
  • You can also use the emoticons and stickers while using Hike Messenger

Downloading Hike Messenger in JAR, JAD formats for Java Phones

It should be noted here that these files of Hike Messenger are being reported to take plenty of installation time or inefficient performance on some of the Java phones. So, you should always try to install it on your phone. You can download JAD and JAR files from the given below links.

  • Nokia S60 Java phone – Click Here
  • Nokia S40 Java phone – Click Here
  • JAR file for Hike Messenger – Click Here

Do let us know via comments if you are facing any issues on installation.

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